The Wind is a magical force, the Lake a magnificent stage. The buzz of a large metropolis fades away. The great effort of steering and racing is hidden in the distance. From the shore, it is one grand performance where playful, proud and graceful poses cross paths with rhythmic threads of wildlife. Welcome to the Windscapes of Toronto’s waterfront.

Framed photographs available in sizes 12 x 12 inches and 20 x 20 inches in editions of 25.

Archival C-Prints printed on Hahnemuhle paper. Each photograph is signed and editioned.

The series is an attempt to capture that invisible force, the Wind. Mighty, patient and persistent, over time it can move mountains. The objects in these images exist in the real world, they are not contents of my imagination - real sailboats, real people and real birds on a glorious, cool and foggy spring day. They are real, far from ordinary. I believe nothing is ordinary.

 As is the case with life, the images are also full of contradictions – a tale of two realities, coexisting in time: the world that we see and the deeper truth we know. Sailing is a challenging and physically demanding endeavour, yet from the shore it looks effortless.  Sailboats appear to glide along in a straight line, when in fact they zigzag their way through the wind. These crews are racing, fiercely competing with each other, but the images are peaceful, relaxing, meditative. Cormorants, jet-black birds that fly alongside the sailboats, move rhythmically from east to west and back. Although they are mesmerizing and beautiful, they can also be devastating to plant life near the shore. And what is most fascinating, these images were taken in Toronto, a busy metropolis where everything moves at a breakneck pace. But even here, peace is within reach. These images are a reminder that a shift in perspective is always possible.